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A video showing how to download and install EaSeq is here.

EaSeq is free for all scientists and without any restrictions on use. It is made for Windows, and it therefore requires a virtual machine to run on Mac OS or Linux. We have tested it succesfully using Parallels for Mac.

Please cite our paper introducing EaSeq (Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Volume 23 No 4 (April 2016), 349-357), and we would also appreciate your feedback ( if you face difficulties or have suggestions on how to improve EaSeq.


  • PLEASE NOTE that if clicking ‘DOWNLOAD EASEQ’ does not work, then you can start the download by right-clicking the link and select ‘Save link as…‘, or by copy/pasting the link address ( ) into the address field in the browser. Some browsers no longer support download of zip files by left-clicking.

Step-by-step instructions and trouble-shooting:

  • The downloaded zip compressed file ‘’ contains two versions of EaSeq: One for 64-bit Windows (‘EaSeq.exe’) and one for 32-bit Windows (‘EaSeq32bit.exe’).
  • Extract these files to their own folder on the Windows desktop or in ‘Documents’, and run them directly without any installation. It is important that EaSeq is in a folder on the local hard drive and not on e.g. a network drive. Also make sure that it is not run from the zipped file/folder.
  • We recommend using the 64-bit version ‘EaSeq.exe’ (needs 64-bit Windows) to avoid the memory limitations of older versions of Windows. If ‘EaSeq.exe’ returns a ‘64-bit Windows required’- message, then use ‘EaSeq32bit.exe’ or a PC with a newer Windows installation.
  • EaSeq depends on the .NET framework, which is integrated in all Windows installations. If EaSeq unexpectedly returns a ‘.NET Framework not installed’-message, then downloaded it at:
  • Once running, EaSeq will offer you to run a demo, which automatically downloads a demonstration session. This normally requires 2-5 minutes of transfer time.

Hardware and Software requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 (64-bit is required for more recent versions of EaSeq)
  • For Macs also a virtual machine such as Parallels or VMware Fusion
  • 2-4 GB RAM (>=8GB is when working on >50 datasets or on a virtual machine)
  • A monitor having 1920×1080 pixels resolution or better – if you have two monitors, then use the primary for EaSeq.

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