Below are links to a several session files that will generate the figures used for our NSMB paper introducing EaSeq and visualizing Polycomb data, as well as an earlier paper where we used EaSeq to integrate transcriptional data and ChIP-seq. The plots in the papers were edited after being exported from EaSeq, and not all plots and settings were saved originally, so some session files had to be remade. The plots in EaSeq might therefore look different from those in the paper.

Some of the files are quite large and will take a while to download. Therefore, some smaller session files with no or less raw data are also available.


From Lerdrup et al, NSMB 2016:

Figure 2.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-12-35 thumb     Figure 2 [438 MB] (This session also contains all datasets from Barski et al downloaded from this site)

Figure 2.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-12-35 thumb     Figure 2 – reduced [109 MB]

Figure 4a.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-13-19 thumb     Figure 4a [71 MB]

Figure 4c.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-16-57 tumb     Figure 4b [181 MB]

Figure 4b.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-14-39 thumb     Figure 4c [53 MB]

Figure 4d.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-15-09 thumb     Figure 4d [56 MB]

Figure 6ab.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-16-30 thumb     Figure 6ab [480 MB]

Figure 6c reduced.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-18-01 thumb     Figure 6c – reduced [67 MB]

Figure 6d.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-11-02 thumb     Figure 6d [4300 MB] (Contains many mESC datasets mapped to mm9, see this table for a list)

Figure 6d.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-11-02 thumb     Figure 6d – reduced [39 MB]

Figure 7c.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-20-21 thumb     Figure 7c [309 MB]

Figure 8ab.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-22-51 thumb     Figure 8ab [1900 MB]

Figure 8c - reduced.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-27-20 thumb     Figure 8c [2800 MB]

Figure 8c - reduced.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160302_16-27-20 thumb     Figure 8c – reduced [188 MB]



From Södersten et al, PLOS GEN 2014:

Sodersten et al Fig 3.eas_Figure_1_Plots_20160223_14-58-03 thumb     Figure 3 [303 MB]

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