Setup and Preparation

Windows users:

  • Right click the desktop, and select Display settings. If possible, make your windows run in 1920×1080 pixels resolution (or higher).
  • Download EaSeq from: (Just click the large “DOWNLOAD” button in the right corner above).
  • Unzip, and move files to e.g. the desktop. Run easeq.exe and accept system notifications.
  • (If it doesn’t run: Download and unzip the file from the google drive (link below))

Mac users:

  • Go to your Mac’s Display settings, and move the mouse over your display options to see the available resolutions. Select the one with 1920×1080 pixels, if possible.
  • Remote computer installation:
  • Install this app:
  • Run it and log-in: Click on the plus sign -> Add PC
  • Take a card with server settings and use those.

Download data:

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