Genesets contain information about gene features, such as transcribed area, CDS, or exons. They can both describe all known genes in a reference genome or a subset of interesting genes.

Next to the Genesets panel, EaSeq has a dropdown menu that contains the abbreviations for many common reference genomes. Selecting e.g. mm9 from this menu will start a download of the refseq annotation in mm9 coordinates from the UCSC table browser.

If a list of genes from a reference genome is already loaded, then it is also possible to import a list of genes just based on their names or accession numbers by selecting that option in the import wizard. EaSeq will then get the coordinates from the already loaded Geneset.

However, if it is in order to import e.g. microarray data for integration of expression changes and ChIP-seq, then the microarray data should be imported as a Regionset.


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