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v. 0.97 is out

30. September 2015

We are happy to release v. 0.97. The user experience has been improved markedly, so we recommend upgrading older versions of EaSeq to v. 0.97.

Among other things, the GUI controlling the plot handling has been completely remade from scratch, and now runs more efficiently and smoothly. It has been tested in a range of conditions for a while, but there might still be a bug or two hiding. So please let us know if it misbehaves in your hands.

The Tutorials were affected by this overhaul. The way they interact with the plots had to be rewritten, and they occasionally exits prematurely with an annoying  “An unknown error was encountered and the tutorial is canceled”. They should be 95-98% functional by now, but we will go through each of them more carefully and eliminate issues for v. 0.98.

We changed the interactivity and also made the workflow more logical and intuitive. Newly added data are now easier to find, and the order in e.g. heatmaps is more clear, and it does at any time reflects that of the corresponding Regionset.

We have also introduced ‘Hints’ that should provide you with useful instructions on how to use the different parts and on what to expect next when starting analyses. They will show up quite frequently in the beginning, but can be silenced as you become familiar with their content. Hopefully they wont become as annoying as ‘Clippy‘ the Assistant that Microsoft introduced in Word in the nineties… and if they are then please let us know – they are really meant to help you.

More about the new release can be found in the release history.

We still appreciate any feedback on how it is to learn EaSeq – What can we do to flatten the learning curve and remove obstacles?


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